Cup of coffee around the world
Every morning millions of people start their day with a cup of coffee. But almost every culture and every country has its own unique way of cooking, serving and drinking coffee. Enjoy the gallery! Jamaica Coffee served with orange, rum and cinnamon. Germany This coffee was invented in Germany... Read more
Meet Vladimir Franz, politician with 90% tattoes of the body
Vladimir Franz is a graduate lawyer, musician, painter and politician from the Czech Republic, unique in its capabilities and its appearance – 90% of the body of Franz is tattooed, including his face.                       Graduate lawyer also a painter... Read more
Dressing the Zombie
In Indonesian place Toraja in South Sulawesi there is a annual ritual called Ma’nene or The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses.  According to the people of Toraja, dead people continue to walk the earth. They dig up the bodies of their dead relatives before washing, grooming and dressing them in fancy... Read more
Bears have 42 teeth
Bears have 42 teeth including four long canines and twelve incisors. Their canine teeth are large, and the molar teeth flat, and there are variations within species. Read more
Which planet has the most influence on you based on your age
The influence of the planets can be of great importance in your life. In certain periods of life some planets have more influence on your behavior and decisions. Therefore, our life can be divided into 8 different times depending on which planet that has the strongest influence. By the... Read more