10 Healthy things to eat if you spend most of your day sitting

Sitting is the new smoking, doctors warns, who clearly talk about how today’s lifestyle and work positions is detrimental to our health, especially when it comes to causing inflammation in the body. Fortunately, the damage can be reduced if you stand and take a walk every half hour, exercise regularly…

One-minute exercise to tighten the entire body

This one-minute exercise for the whole body is excellent and very useful because it activates all the muscles in the body, it takes no breaks and you can easily insert into your daily schedule crowded. All that is needed is to stand just 60 seconds a day and soon will…

8 Tips for all Yoga beginners
Yoga is a wonderful way to stretch and activate our muscles, as well as a great way to properly learn to keep our body as well to breathe properly. The first yoga classes can be really stressful. You will feel physically and mentally unwilling, and this can very easily... Read more
Check it out “Laughter Therapy”
We were born with the gift of laughter. Laughter is a natural medicine. It lifts our spirits and makes us feel happy. Laughter is a contagious emotion. It can bring people together. It can help us feel more alive and empowered. Laughter therapy, also called humor therapy, is the... Read more
All the good things about …. dates
 It is very important to reduce stress, improve lifestyle and pay attention to the food we consume. There is a product that positively affects the fight against high blood pressure and cholesterol regulation – these are the dates. Dates prevent stroke They contain potassium-a mineral that prevents stroke and... Read more
Poppy as a cure for cancer, heart, nerves and many other diseases
The seed of poppy is derived and processed from the plant poppy. Such seeds do not contain narcotic properties. In India, poppy seeds have often been used for wintering or for their popular recipe called “tadika”. The poppy is grown for more than 3,000 years. In the second millennium,... Read more
Stress in everyday life
“People are disturbed not by a thing, but by their perception of a thing.” — Epictetus People have very different ideas with respect to their definition of stress. Probably the most common is, “physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension”. Another popular definition of stress is, “a condition or... Read more
4 easy ways to alkalize the blood and reduce the acidity in the body
The acidity in the body is not exactly the best of health. And how can we alkalize the blood? How to reduce the harmful effects of the acidic environment in the body? Read the full text and learn more about advantages of alcalization and easiest to achieve it. When... Read more
What happens when you drink water on an empty stomach?
Without water there is no life, it is very important to drink a large amount of fresh water throughout the day for your body to function normally. But what happens to your body when in the morning or as soon as you wake up, drink a glass of water... Read more
Brown rice vs white rice
“A meal without rice is not a meal” , is a Japanese proverb that describes best this irreplacable food that feeds half of the world. The love of a perfect bowl of white rice is not limited to Asians, it is widespread between 3 billion people from different parts,... Read more
Suggestions for great breakfast
Your body has been resting for several hours while you’ve been sleeping and your metabolism needs a jumpstart to wake up and start working. When you skip breakfast, your body runs on fumes. This lack of fuel can lead to increased risks of coronary heart disease, higher rates of... Read more
5 Evening habits that make you fat
Some habits are really hard to give up, but if you want to help your body to cope with excess weight, you need to pay a little more attention to what you drink during dinner. Not sleeping enough Not sleaping causing additional fatigue. Fatigue turn slows your metabolism. In... Read more