10 Healthy things to eat if you spend most of your day sitting

Sitting is the new smoking, doctors warns, who clearly talk about how today’s lifestyle and work positions is detrimental to our health, especially when it comes to causing inflammation in the body. Fortunately, the damage can be reduced if you stand and take a walk every half hour, exercise regularly…

One-minute exercise to tighten the entire body

This one-minute exercise for the whole body is excellent and very useful because it activates all the muscles in the body, it takes no breaks and you can easily insert into your daily schedule crowded. All that is needed is to stand just 60 seconds a day and soon will…

7 Facts you won’t believe are true
It rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter. Uranus and Neptune are long known to be diamond treasure troves. Not only does their atmosphere comprise of 15% methane, but also, the temperature does not get to over 6,416°F, the melting point of diamonds. Diamond “hailstones” form on Saturn and Jupiter when “lightning storms... Read more
4 Indicators that your organism is full of poisons
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7 reasons to visit New York City while you are young
NewYork City is full of life, chances and a lot of history. There are countless reasons why you should visit him while you are young. Here are some of them. 1. Dynamics New York is the most dynamic city you will ever visit. There are activities for everyone’s taste.... Read more
7 Amazing phenomena
Nature gives us unique landscapes that are enjoyable for our senses, but sometimes it can surprise us with strange phenomena that can not be fully explained. Some have a scientific basis, but others are totally mysterious. That is one of reason that makes the very nature so unique and... Read more
This house in the trees is most wished-for listing worldwide – Airbnb’s #1
The most popular accommodation according to the choice of the famous site for renting rooms and apartments worldwide – Airbnb is an unusual house in the trees that is located deep in the forest. Located in the forest depths in Atlanta, this beautiful hidden cabin provides guests with complete... Read more
The best detox …..  for a weekend
If you are constantly tired, and you seem to be resting enough, if your complexion is gray and you have dark pods, then you urgently need detoxification because with all of this comes the weakened immunity, infections and colds. Today we are discovering weekend detoxification that has many health... Read more
Unexpected health benefits of drinking coffee
Lots of people can’t even imagine starting their day without a cup of coffee. If you’re one of the many who roll out of bed and start brewing a pot before you even use the bathroom, I have good news for you: the coffee you drink every day is... Read more