10 Healthy things to eat if you spend most of your day sitting

Sitting is the new smoking, doctors warns, who clearly talk about how today’s lifestyle and work positions is detrimental to our health, especially when it comes to causing inflammation in the body. Fortunately, the damage can be reduced if you stand and take a walk every half hour, exercise regularly…

One-minute exercise to tighten the entire body

This one-minute exercise for the whole body is excellent and very useful because it activates all the muscles in the body, it takes no breaks and you can easily insert into your daily schedule crowded. All that is needed is to stand just 60 seconds a day and soon will…

Food for a good sleep
Do you suffer from insomnia? All night turning over the sheets or waking up? What if you can handle all this with food? It is worth trying. To fall asleep Melatonin helps to stimulate sleep to a certain extent, which is why cherries that are rich in melatonin are... Read more
Having a furry friend may prolong your life
Many studies have proven that having a soft cat or a warm dog is good for the human soul. Scientists have noticed that owning and handling animals significantly benefits health. Research has found that pets may help older adults live longer, healthier and more enjoyable lives. There are a... Read more
9 Weird things that relieve stress & make you feel more relaxed in seconds
If you do not cope with it, stress can turn into a permanent, toxic cycle. Since we rarely know how to deal with stress properly, we create extra nervousness and the cycle continues. Fortunately there are some weird, but really simple and effective techniques to help you get rid... Read more
Places with the best food delights
Some of us travel based on good food, while others think of good food after they return from travel. If you belong to the first category, then your life probably revolves around your next meal, and certainly those places you want to visit. If you are fond of good... Read more