8 Travel suggestions for 2018 8 Travel suggestions for 2018
Take a step further this year and make a trip list! When you focus on the journey, you are open to the whole world.... 8 Travel suggestions for 2018

Take a step further this year and make a trip list!

When you focus on the journey, you are open to the whole world. And keep in mind that traveling does not have to be expensive. In fact, when you take the time to plan, you can experience real adventures without a long way and without spending too much money.

1. Visit a country whose language you do not understand

Visit a country in which you do not understand the language. Since today almost everyone knows English, try to go to a country where this language is not spoken. This will make you more closely observe the environment and really make you to try harder for you to interact with others.

2. Visit a national park

There is no need for a plane map to visit a national park, because every country has its own. Maintaining a national protected area is an important part of society. In these places you will enjoy the incredible landscapes and you will understand why it is important to protect nature.

3. Car trip

If you have not done this yet….  now is the time. There are countless beauties that are worth seeing in your own country. In addition, this trip will be a great excuse to spend time with relatives, parents or good friends, and it will not cost you much.

4. Train trip

Surely you know the saying that more important is the journey, not the destination. This is true, and prove yourself in the new year. Choose a transportation that you do not usually use and go on a trip. Trains are a great choice for this purpose.

5. Volunteer travel

You do not have to feel miserable if you are planning a trip to work. Everything depends on what you do. Ask in volunteer organizations and go to an elephant shelter in Thailand, or give a language lessons to a distant country. Not only you will see a lot of things, but you will feel really good because you helped.

6. Visit a place that may soon disappear

Many places around the world may disappear over the next 50 years. From the Coral Reef in Australia to the National Park in Montana, there are several protected areas that are expected to disappear. This is a great excuse to start visiting these places, and you can try and get involved in their rescue.

7. Choose a kitchen and visit that country

Do you want Italian food? Visit Italy! Food-focused travel is a great way to reduce your options, but it’s also a really unusual way to explore the place you visit. You can also make a list of local foods that you will want to try out there.

8. Visit a climate opposite to what you are used to

If you live in a warm place, go skiing or in a really cold country. If you live in a cold place, visit some of the warm countries. A very popular destination today is Iceland with incredible icebergs and breathtaking fjords.


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