Places with the best food delights Places with the best food delights
Some of us travel based on good food, while others think of good food after they return from travel. If you belong to the... Places with the best food delights

Some of us travel based on good food, while others think of good food after they return from travel. If you belong to the first category, then your life probably revolves around your next meal, and certainly those places you want to visit. If you are fond of good food and  always looking for good places where you can make a good start, we have created a list of the 6 cities you should definitely visit if you want to experience the ultimate culinary experience.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

First on the list is Copenhagen where one must mention “Noma” – a restaurant that has permanently changed the culinary scene thanks to the creative and innovative ways of preparing food. This restaurant has been named the best in the world for several years in a row. Although prices are not very affordable, they must be mentioned to food lovers. Plan well before visiting because it’s very difficult to get a table.

Apart from “Noma“, there are several other fantastic restaurants accompanied by beautiful markets and a certain kind of creativity that is subtly injected into food. Relae“, „Radio“, „BROR“ и „Geranium“ are perfect examples where the new Nordic cooking method is used, which is very popular in recent years. If you want a more sophisticated experience, go to the „Torvehallerne“ or “Copenhagen Street Market“.

2. Bangkok, Thailand

If you are fond of strong flavors and spices, then Thailand should be at the top of your list. As a home to the finest and cheapest meals in the world, we guarantee that when you leave Bangkok you will be well-eaten and happy. It’s really easy to find good food in the capital of Thailand. Street food sellers are everywhere and you can easily smell the incredible options. Adhesive rice with mango, pork or fish stew and many varieties of noodles are at the top of countless foods on the streets of Bangkok.

Those who want something more sophisticated and more sophisticated should go to the award-winning “Gaggan” where they will be served with dishes from the top Indian cuisine. Nahm” is another fantastic dining place where traditional Thai foods are served. Both restaurants are considered one of the best in the world and are known for top foods.

3. Paris, France

Although there are many incredible places throughout France known for good food, there is something special and magical in the café culture and street markets of Paris that will instantly attract you to this destination. The countless cheeses? The wine? The fact that everything has a better taste because you eat in a narrow Paris street rich in typical architecture? We gave enough.

There are a huge number of restaurants in Paris that you need to visit, and you will feel that each next is more delicious and better known than the previous one. Since it’s hard to err with good food when it comes to Paris, here we are still focusing on options that are delicious, unique and slightly more affordable.

Among the best are “L’Avant Comptoir” and the sister of this expensive and difficult restaurant restaurant is the small restaurant rich in flavors and a good selection of wine “L’as Du Fallafel” which is a cheap choice of the best falafel in the city, but also in the world. “Marche des Enfants Rouges” is great if you are fond of strolling through street food markets and if you want to try out everything. Too much food, and too little activity? Get on French cooking time and experience Paris with all your culinary beauty.

4. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a city with more than 3 Michelin star restaurants and is constantly maintaining its title as one of the world’s most prominent capitals. From the famous sushi and soups flat to the lesser-known food, Tokyo boasts one of the most massive culinary scenes around the world. In this city you will not hardly find food that you like.

Start by finding one of the many flat or sushi shops that open early and prepare your lip papilla to enjoy noodles with dressings that gently melt in your mouth or in fresh fish from nearby markets. If noodles and live fish are not your favorite option for breakfast, then remember that Tokyo has a huge selection of different baked goods and various coffees that you will immediately want to try.

Once you have finished enjoying the wonderful breakfast, be sure to go to the famous Tsukiji fish market, which has all the seafood you can imagine. Even if nothing captures your eye for shopping, the view is even more fantastic. If you have a place for more food, try the world’s smallest seafood in just one of the restaurants on the market. Once you are sure to fall into a coma of too much food around noon, head to one of the countless tea houses of Tokyo to enjoy a traditional tea ceremony resting and preparing for the next meal.

5. New York, New York

The city that is a cocktail of mixed cultures and countries has the best and most diverse foods in the United States. Although it is known for food such as pizza, if you go deeper, you will discover unique dishes and cultures that need to be explored. “Little Italy”, “Chinatown”, “Chelsea Market” … the list is endless. We recommend that you walk around and taste a bit of everything. After some taco or dry meat is a great idea to start. Restaurants like “Tacombi” are more than perfect for the most amazing taco and “Russ and Daughters” for the best smoked salmon you can imagine.

Although much of the best food is located in Manhattan, it’s good to take time and explore other. Food in other settlements is much more authentic and cheaper than in popular places in Manhattan. Queens is a favorite when talking about Indian, Korean, Greek and Chinese food, while Harlem is fantastic for Caribbean and so on. soulful food. Regardless of the settlement or the type of cuisine you choose, head up with an open mind and an empty stomach.

6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you are a meat lover then Buenos Aires is the perfect destination for you. Excellent cheap food with amazing      dishes, yet low prices. The capital of Argentina is famous for its stack and there are countless places that are considered one of the best in the world where you can try it. Steaks by Luis” is a great option, but you can come across a variety of different steak or grilled restaurants around the city.

If you are not a fan of meat or you are a vegetarian, you are likely to ask yourself if this city is for you. Do not worry, there are many other options that this city can boast of. In addition to the favorite empanadas or the incredible baked goods that you will find in many bakeries around the city, there are many new facilities that give a fresh definition and modernization of Argentine cuisine. To experience the best, we recommend that you make a food tour to learn more about its uniqueness, as well as to find out which are the best places to eat in the city. And fill this experience with a glass of fantastic Malbeck that will take your breath away.


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