Easy ways to naturally increase your energy
People are more overworked than ever. It can be easy and convenient to grab an energy drink or large soda when you’re feeling tired. But cheap-and-quick energy sources will leave you feeling even more fatigued than you initially were once they wear off. Try these natural, clean and easy ways to naturally... Read more
All the good things about …. dates
 It is very important to reduce stress, improve lifestyle and pay attention to the food we consume. There is a product that positively affects the fight against high blood pressure and cholesterol regulation – these are the dates. Dates prevent stroke They contain potassium-a mineral that prevents stroke and... Read more
Poppy as a cure for cancer, heart, nerves and many other diseases
The seed of poppy is derived and processed from the plant poppy. Such seeds do not contain narcotic properties. In India, poppy seeds have often been used for wintering or for their popular recipe called “tadika”. The poppy is grown for more than 3,000 years. In the second millennium,... Read more
Brown rice vs white rice
“A meal without rice is not a meal” , is a Japanese proverb that describes best this irreplacable food that feeds half of the world. The love of a perfect bowl of white rice is not limited to Asians, it is widespread between 3 billion people from different parts,... Read more
Suggestions for great breakfast
Your body has been resting for several hours while you’ve been sleeping and your metabolism needs a jumpstart to wake up and start working. When you skip breakfast, your body runs on fumes. This lack of fuel can lead to increased risks of coronary heart disease, higher rates of... Read more
What is psychotherapy?
Professional help to overcome the acute problems in life, serious psychological symptoms, personal growth and development of new potentials and awareness of yourself. Psychotherapy is a term which denotes the process of change which occurs at the contact of the trained therapist and client. It is a structured process... Read more
7 Reasons why you should be riding a bike every day
Cycling is an activity that offers benefits in many ways. Whether driving to increase your physical activity to improve your health because you care about the environment or to save money, choosing cycling is one of the best decisions that you took. To make it, take a look at... Read more